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Contactless payments will speed traffic at toll stations in Colombia

Updated: Feb 2

Colombians have endured the pain of huge lines of cars attempting to pass through toll plazas, with all vehicles at a standstill. Unfortunately, this situation worsens each year.

Panoramic view of los Andes toll
Los Andes Toll- Accenorte

The tag payments, available through Colpass certified companies like GoPass, Copiloto, Flypass, FacilPass, and ViaRapida are set to become interoperable. They aim to provide customers with the ultimate app for drivers, attracting a diverse customer base.

User paying the toll fee with their mobile at an Opencity terminal.
Opencity tolling terminal

Others may prefer contactless payments, available through Opencity. Our payment terminals can be easily implemented at every toll booth, requiring only easy integration, an Internet connection, and AC power to become operational. The concessionaire receives payment the next day on the bank of their choosing.

With contactless payments, the drivers can pay in less than 2 seconds, and the payment is anonymous. There is no need to enroll in any app or service, no extra fees; just straightforward, anonymous contactless transactions.

Contactless payments can be accepted with any Visa or Mastercard contactless card or electronic wallet card.

Opencity's toll payment solution aims to accelerate the flow at toll plazas throughout Colombia, reducing travel times, and enhancing the interaction between toll workers and drivers. It promises to be a simpler, faster, and cleaner process. Toll operators will experience reduced costs, and CO2 emissions will be minimized.

With contactless payments at toll booths, everyone wins!

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